Ing. Radim MATULIK

Photo of R.M.

Department of Signal Processing, UTIA, CAS
Pod Vodarenskou vezi 4
182 08 Praha 8
Czech Republic

phone: +420/266 052 452
fax: +420/266 052 511

Current position: Research assistant
Research interests: tools for blind people, speech synthesis, hw design
Current projects: WAKeMeUP, Productive4.0
Past projects: PANACHE, THINGS2DO, IDEASXML_FEDGIN (Notebook for the Blind)

since 2000 member of Signal Processing Group
1989-2000 Dept. of Adaptive Systems member
1976 graduated Ing. (similar to MSc.) in Telecomunications on FEE CTU Prague
Selected publications:

Matulik R.: Notebook for the blind.
ERCIM News (1997), 28, 19.

Licko M., Matulik R., Matousek R., Kadlec J.: Prototyping Board for CAK. (Program).
UTIA AV R, Praha 2003, 150 MB.

Matulik R.: GIN z kouzelne lampy miri do kapes.
Lidove noviny, 17 (11.12.2004), 288, 22.

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