SW Defined Floating Point 8xSIMD EdkDSP IP Serving for Adaptive Noise Cancellation


This application note and evaluation package describes design of reprogrammable 8xSIMD EdkDSP IP core for the 28nm FDSOI digital designs of the THINGS2DO project. The IP has been designed with support of high level flow and tested on the Zynq all programmable 28nm chip with two Arm A9 processors and programmable logic area. The developed SW API, algorithmic implementation and mapping to the 8xSIMD EdkDSP IP forms a base for the possible subsequent implementations in the 28nm FDSOI technology.

The 8xSIMD EdkDSP IP Core
The 8xSIMD EdkDSP IP Core is configured for accelerated floating point computation of the recursive FIR filter with constant parameters and for acceleration of the adaptive recursive LMS filter with unknown coefficients.. The FIR filter models the environment and generates the sequence of data measurements. The LMS filter serves for reconstruction of the unknown speaker voice with partially cancelled disturbance from the far distance source.

Evaluation system
The 8xSIMD EdkDSP IP Core is programmed, evaluated and debugged in HW Xilinx Zynq module TE0720-IF. The 28nm Xilinx Zynq device xc7z020-2I has two 32 bit ARM Cortex A9 processors operating at 766 MHz and single MicroBlaze 32 bit soft core processor operating at 100 MHz.

Tester of 8xSIMD EdkDSP floating point accelerator IP core

TE701 carrier board with TE0720-2IF Zynq module

Package Summary

Title SW Defined Floating Point 8xSIMD EdkDSP IP Serving for Adaptive Noise Cancellation
Download TE0720_MB_EdkDSP_1x8_zsys_2if_ila_8k_usb_te0701_sw1_INSTALL.zip
License things2do_t20i2m4_2017_1_te0701_06.pdf for licensing conditions.
Package content ZIP archive with precompiled Vivado 2017.1 projects demonstrating SW defined floating point 8xSIMD EdkDSP IP serving for adaptive noise cancellation.
Size ZIP file: 349757297 Bytes
PDF file: 4386377 Bytes
Required tools
& platform
Xilinx SDK 2017.1
Installation notes See things2do_t20i2m4_2017_1_te0701_06.pdf

Result Category

Project number Year RIV category Comment
7H14007 2018 Gfunk Functional sample (demo)

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