RIPAC Frontend - Preparing blocks in Simulink


The goal of the RIPAC project is to provide rapid prototyping tools for design of HW-based image processing applications. This package presents methodology for preparing blocks for use in RIPAC in the environment of Simulink. The necessary modifications to the general S-function template are explained and several simple examples are included.

Package Summary

Title RIPAC Frontend - Preparing blocks in Simulink
License Freeware
Package content ZIP archive with PC part of the demo, Simulink source files, accelerator bitstreams and necessary communication routines
Size 473206 Bytes
MD5 checksum 6a0685b6dc71e0463747f6dcbdb9db5a
Required tools
& platform
Matlab 2008b, Simulink, Image Acquisition Blockset, Image Processing Blockset
Installation notes
  • Download package
  • Unzip package
  • Use any of the mdl-files with Simulink
See the 'readme.txt' and 'doc\SBlocks.pdf' files in the package.

Result Category

Project number Contract section Year RIV category Comment
1ET400750408 2.3 4 S authorized SW

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