Arrowhead Compatible Zynq with SDSoC 2017.4 and Floating-Point 8xSIMD EdkDSP Accelerators

Supported Trenz Electronic Modules:
TE0720-03-2IF, TE0720-03-1QF, TE0720-03-14S-1C, TE0720-03-1CFA
Supported Trenz Electronic Carrier Boards:
TE0703-05, TE0706-02


This report describes design of compact HW system based on Zynq all programmable 28nm chip with one or two Arm A9 processors and programmable logic area. System is optimised for Ethernet connected computing nodes serving for industrial automation, local data processing and data communication. The documented HW architecture is one of candidates for wider use within the ECSEL Productive 4.0 project for the edge computing node in the Industry 4.0 solutions. 2 carrier boards and 3 Zynq modules from Trenz Electronic are supported.

The demonstrated Zynq systems include the run-time reprogrammable 8xSIMD EdkDSP IP core. It combines the MicroBlaze and the floating point single instruction multiple data (SIMD) data flow unit (DFU). The SIMD DFU is controlled by a run-time reprogrammable finite state machine implemented by Xilinx PicoBlaze6 8 bit controller with dedicated embedded (on Zynq executed) C compiler.

The application note describes the installation of the HW system, the SW API, algorithmic implementation and mapping to the 8xSIMD EdkDSP IP. Presented HW system is also compatible with the Xilinx SDSoC 2017.4.1 design environment. The SDSoC is supporting automated compilation of user-defined C/C++ ARM functions into HW accelerators with several types of data movers (zero-copy, DMA, SG-DMA) and the automated integration of generated accelerators as an ARM Linux operating system or standalone application.

Debian image is provided for the Zynq board in format of image for the SD card. Chapter 10 describes simple installtion of additional SW packages and templates to get compatibility with Arrowhead framework G4.0 Java services. These services run together with the Arrowhead database on a separate RaspberryPi 3B board and form example of an Arrowhead local cloud.

Package Summary

Title Arrowhead Compatible Zynq with SDSoC 2017.4 and Floating-Point 8xSIMD EdkDSP Accelerators
License UTIA-te0720-arrowhead-client-2017.4-windows-SDSoC-v2.pdf for licensing conditions.
Package content ZIP archive with precompiled Vivado 2017.4 projects demonstrating Arrowhead Compatible Zynq with SDSoC 2017.4 and Floating-Point 8xSIMD EdkDSP Accelerators.
Size ZIP file: 772144396 Bytes
PDF file: 6123379 Bytes
Required tools
& platform
Xilinx SDK 2017.4
Installation notes See UTIA-te0720-arrowhead-client-2017.4-windows-SDSoC-v2.pdf

Result Category

Project number Year RIV category Comment
ECSEL 737459 2019 Gfunk Functional sample (demo)

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