Doc. Ing. Ivan Nagy, CSc.

Department of Signal Processing, UTIA, CAS
Pod Vodarenskou vezi 1143/4
182 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic

phone: +420/266 052 358
fax: +420/266 052 511

Current position: Senior researcher
Research interests: algorithms of transportation control and data analysis
Current projects: FitOptiVisArrowhead Tools
Past projects: SILENSEGA 15-03564SSURFEKODRIVE, Educalibre,
Transportation control in the centers of historical cities

since 2015 Member of the Signal Processing group
up to 2014 UTIA, Dep. of Adaptive Systems

Teaching activities:

Faculty of Transportation Sciences, CTU in Prague:

  • Doctoral Degree Programme Courses:
    - Applied Mathematics: Advanced statistical methods
  • Master's Degree Programme Courses:
    - Linear Programming 2
    - Mathematical Models and Applications
    - Mathematical Models in Economics
    - Mathematical Models in Economics for Erasmus students
    - Stochastic Systems
    - Stochastic Systems for Erasmus students
  • Bachelor's Degree Programme Courses:
    - Statistics

Other links:

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