Resource Management: Implementation and performance results


The demo presents the resource management (RM) layer implementation for the UTIA BCE multicore platform. The aim of the resource management is improvement of the design time efficiency, power consumption, and resource reuse in implementation of the FPGA applications using the UTIA platform. In the package, the detailed information about the RM structure and functions is given and the sample applications using the RM are introduced in the form of the video presentation.

Package Summary

Title RM Demo
License See the 'license.txt' file in the package
Package content Documentation and video presentation
Size 232 776 408 Bytes
MD5 checksum 4f1bd88b536acc7584d04cc4105b38a2
Required tools
& platform
Any video player capable to play OGG format.
Installation notes Download package & unzip

Result Category

Project number Contract section Year RIV category Comment
MSMT 7H09005 WPT3 2011 R software

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