Live Canny Edge Detection Demo for TE0808+TEBF0808 Trenz Board


This demo shows Live Canny Edge detection implemented on Trenz Zynq Ultrascale+ TE0808 and TEBF0808 Carrier assembly. The design is based on Trenz SKHio_zusys_SDSoC package downloadable from Trenz web pages. It provides basic HDMI in/out chain for Avnet FMC Imageon extension card. Sources for Canny edge detection filter are available free in xfOpenCV library. The xfOpenCV is Xilinx library of OpenCV cores rewritten to be synthesizable by Vivado HLS tool. The library provides one example for each supported function including Canny edge detector. Each example reads input from file(s) and writes output file with result. The result is also compared with original OpenCV function used as golden model.

Package Summary

Title Live Canny Edge Detection
License free evaluation, bistreams only
for sources, please contact authors listed in package documentation
Package content zip archive with bitstreams and binaries
Size ZIP file: 16 225 782 Bytes
PDF file: 389 519 Bytes
Required tools
Trenz and Avnet hardware: TE0808 module, TEBF0808 Carrier and FMC IMAGEON extension
Installation notes
  • Download package
  • Unzip package
  • Follow instructions given in documentation

Result Category

Project number Year RIV category Comment
8A18013 2018 Gfunk Functional sample (demo)

Contact Person

Please, do not hesitate to contact Zdenek Pohl to obtain more information.