Companion software for the book UTLEON3: Exploring Fine-Grain Multi-Threading in FPGAs:
  • VHDL sources of the UTLEON3 processor.
  • Two demo designs for the ML509 board that draw the Mandelbrot set on a VGA screen.
  • A set of micro-threaded assembly programs and their legacy mode equivalents.
  • Binutils for UTLEON3 - sources and two sets of binaries for the sparc and mtsparc architectures.
  • Binrep tool for conversion of mtsparc architecture code to sparc, necessary for linking mtsparc objects with legacy objects.


Binutils for UTLEON3


This development was financed by the European Commission under project number FP7-ICT-215216 Apple-CORE and by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports under project number 7E08013.

For more details about the Apple-CORE project see http://www.apple-core.info.

Contact Person

Please, don't hesitate to contact Lukas Kohout to obtain more information.