Adaptive Noise Canceller Migration Demo


The adaptive noise canceller (ANC) migration demo presents the ability of the least-square lattice (LSL) PCORE accelerator and its API for Microblaze to perform migrations between software and hardware solution. Also the migration between different hardware configurations is demonstrated. During migrations the order (dimension) of the lattice filter can be increased and decreased.

The ANC migration demo in this package has been prepared for testing on the following prototyping board:

  1. The Xilinx ML402 board equipped with the Xilinx Virtex4 XC4VSX35 FPGA.

Package Summary

Title Adaptive Noise Canceller Migration Demo
Short title ANC Migration Demo
Authors Z. Pohl, M. Tichy, J. Kadlec
License Freeware license
See the ‘license.txt’ file in the package.
Size 24765155 Bytes
MD5 checksum 183895f08d96feee82c7ced0b492f6ac
Required tools
& platform
Xilinx ML402 board
Compact flash card reader/writer
Installation notes Read documentation contained in the package
and follow instructions in the ‘anclsl_migdemo.pdf’ file.

Result Category

Project number Contract section Year RIV category Comment
1M0567 VS1 3 S Functional sample (demo)

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