3D Anaglyph Demo


Correct image sensor interfaces for stereo computer vision can be implemented only by precise synchronization of their triggers in order to get consistent input for consequent image/video processing steps. For this reason, the synchronized stereo camera interfaces for Xilinx Development board ZC702 equipped with two FMC IMAGEON boards equipped with two ON Semiconductor Vita2000 CMOS image sensors was implemented. Furthermore, we have also implemented synchronous video to stream conversion chains. The synchronous operation of sensors and the chain is demonstrated by the simple 3D demo application which creates 3D anaglyph from two video streams. Thanks to synchronous operation of streams, the demo does not need any external DDR buffering. 3D effect in red-cyan anaglyph is created by displaying the red channel from first CMOS sensor and the remaining channels from second CMOS sensor. This can be done per-pixel because of precise synchronization of two pixels streams coming from CMOS sensors. The new composed video stream is then displayed through HDMI output interface. The 3D video can be viewed on standard full HD PC display by using red-cyan glasses.

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Title 3D Anaglyph Demo
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7H14004 2015 Gfunk Functional sample (demo)

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