Simulator of Physical Layer of the ADSL Modem


The project software output presents source code of the ADSL toolbox, which is Matlab implementation of physical layer of the ADSL modem. The toolbox contains routines for simulation of the ADSL transmitter and receiver and routines for modelling of wide-band transmit environment. At the receiver, the toolbox implemets several methods for Time domain Equalization (TEQ) as well as for basic Frequency domain Equalization (FEQ). At the transmitter basic bit-loading algorithms have been implemented.

Package Summary

Title ADSL toolbox ver. 11
License BSD license
(See the 'license.txt' file in the package.)
Package content ZIP archive with ADSL toolbox
Size 1702094 Bytes
MD5 checksum 5c30611f9796799c2c5c7b0ad3daf149
Required tools
& platform
Matlab R14 or newer (OS independent)
Signal processing toolbox
Optimization toolbox
Communication toolbox
Installation notes See the 'readme.txt' file in the package.

Result Category

Project number Contract section Year RIV category Comment
1ET300750402 2.4 2-3 S authorized SW

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