Eight FP03x8 accelerators for TE0808-09-EG-ES1 module on TEBF0808 carrier board


This application note describes an evaluation package with eight 8xSIMD, FP03x8, floating-point, run-time-reconfigurable accelerators for Zynq Ultrascale+ TE0808-09EG-ES1 module on TEBF0808 carrier board. The TE0808-09EG-ES1 module and TEBF0808 carrier board are designed and manufactured by the company Trenz Electronic. Xilinx device ZU09-EG-ES1 device requires in the design phase Xilinx Vivado tools version 2017.4. These tools must have enabled support for the Xilinx ZU09-EG-ES1 device. The Xilinx Vivado 2017.4 is currently the last Xilinx toolchain supporting the ZU09-EG-ES1 device.

The evaluation package provides several pre-compiled HW designs represented in form of SD-cards containing the designs and API interface for SW developer in form of shared Debian Linux libraries. The SW developer can program ARM host application in standard gcc or g++ compiler and "make" can be used for compilation of host applications directly on the embedded Zynq Ultrascale+ ZU09-EG-ES1 based system.

Eight connected FP03x8 accelerators in ZU09-EG-ES1 device

Package Summary

Title Eight FP03x8 accelerators for TE0808-09-EG-ES1 module on TEBF0808 carrier board
Download zu09_eg_1i_es1_2GB_fp03x8_4x2_ev_deb_rel.zip
License AppNote-2017_4-te0808_fp03x8_4x2.pdf for licensing conditions.
Package content Debian SD Card image. SW evaluation examples for FP03x8 accelerators in source code. Application note in .pdf.
Size ZIP file: 2446930107 Bytes
PDF file: 2358508 Bytes
Required tools
& platform
Xilinx Vivado Lab tool 2017.4, Xilinx SDK 2017.4
Installation notes See AppNote-2017_4-te0808_fp03x8_4x2.pdf

Result Category

Project number Year RIV category Comment
8A18013 2021 Gfunk Functional sample (demo)

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