The project focuses on the problem of mobile robotics. It researches and develops methods for a digital wireless transfer of video and other data from the video-sensoric system of a reconnaissance robot and their visualization and integration in the user interface at the operator seat. The results of the project will be evaluated in a real-world environment using the platform of the reconnaissance robot Orpheus. The project is divided into three work packages: wireless data transfer, telepresentation based user interface, and integration of the data transfer module in the user interface.

The goal of the project is to improve the Orpheus platform so that it is competitive with the future top-class reconnaissance robots used worldwide while adapting it to real operations. To reach these goals, new methods for robust digital wireless transfer of video and other data and an innovative telepresentation user interface with the feature-extraction capabilities will be developed.

Name: Digital Video-Sensoric System of Reconnaissance Robot
Provider: Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Project No.: 1ET100750408
Consortium: Institute of Information Theory and Automation AS CR
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, BUT Brno
Duration: July 2004 - December 2007

Project presentations

Project has been presented during
  • 16th IFAC World Congress in Prague, July 4 - 8,2005, at UTIA & IDEALIST booth. (project presentation)
  • 3rd Annual ARTEMIS Conference in Graz, 23-24 May 2006, at UTIA booth
  • IST2006 event in Helsinki, 21-23 November 2006, at the PicoNet stand

Project results