Idealist finds partners for organisations who wish to participate in the European Union’s Information Society Technologies Programme (IST). The Ideal-ist network is sponsored by the EU and has representatives in the all Member States, as well as the Associated States, including Israel, Malta, Turkey, Russia and Belarus, total 34 states.

The main objective is to simplify and facilitate the participation in the IST Priority of organisations of all types. A focus is on newcomers and in particular on SMEs, including New Member States and Associated Candidate Countries, Russia and Belarus. This objective will be achieved by:

  • Delivering and supporting a partner search mechanism with two goals
    - to help consortia find project partners for specific proposals
    - to help potential participants find consortia they could join
  • Focused support for organisations new to the Framework Program
  • Focused support for SMEs in the Information and Communications Technology sector across Europe
  • Promotion of IST European cooperation opportunities and Idealist services for 6thFramework Programme (FP6)
  • Strengthening international cooperation

Acronym: Idealist34
Name: Partner Search Support for participants in IST Priority by European network of NCP for IST under the 6th Framework Program
Project No.: 511355
Programme: FP6 IST
  • DLR - Deutsches Forschungszentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V., DE (coordinator)
  • BIT - Bureau for International Research and Technology Cooperation, AT
  • CLPP Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BG
  • CIT - Centre of Information Technology, BY
  • Euresearch, CH
  • Research Promotion Foundation, CY
  • Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the CAS, CZ
  • BEI/ColorWEB, DK
  • Foundation Archimedes, EE
  • CDTI - Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology, ES
  • Tekes, Finland
  • NDC - National Documentation Centre, EL
  • Enterprise Ireland
  • ISERD - Israel Europe R&D Directorate for FP6, IL
  • RLO - Research Liaison Office of the University of Iceland
  • Consorzio Pisa Ricerche, Centro META, IT
  • AISTDP - Agency for International Science and Technology Development Programmes, LT
  • Luxinnovation, LU
  • SPIE/Baltic - International Society for Optical Engineering, LV
  • Malta Council for Science and Technology, MT
  • SenterNovem, NL
  • RCN - The Research Council of Norway, NO
  • IFTR PAS - Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, PL
  • ICI - National Research Institute for Reserarch and Development in Informatics, RO
  • IOS - Institute of Operating Systems, RU
  • The Swedsih EU/R&D-Council, SE
  • JSI - Jozef Stefan Institute, SI
  • Singleimage Limited, UK
Duration: 1 June 2004 - 31 May 2006