The goal of IDF-EMSYS project is to establish a complete design flow from high-level specification modelling (in MATLAB) to production code generation for a target controller (in Processor ExpertTM). The code generation will be the key element in this project. The code will be generated from the specification automatically.

To achieve this goal, the Processor ExpertTM will have to been integrated with the MATLAB environment. This integration consists of many tasks like modifying the Processor ExpertTM in a way that would allow calling its functions from external programs (e.g. MATLAB) without the need for starting the complete Processor ExpertTM GUI, creating new MATLAB Simulink blocks that could be interfaced with Processor ExpertTM, creating their counterpart components (Embedded Beans) that would be used for generating the code using the Processor ExpertTM code generation engine and so on.

The functionality of integration of Processor ExpertTM and MATLAB will be demonstrated on a reference application out of the production sector (e.g., a pumping system or else) as proof of the concept.

Name: Establishment of an integrated design flow for embedded systems
Project No.: KONTAKT CZE 01/019
ME 231
Consortium: UNIS, Ltd., R&D Department
UTIA AS CR, Department of Signal processing;
Forschungszentrum Informatik an der Universitet Karlsruhe, Dep. of Electronic Systems and Microsystems
Duration: August 2001 - July 2004